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Most Viewed Charts is a site that was created for the individual trader that is looking for trading ideas but with a simplified approach. We use a proprietary oscillator for determining whether to buy, sell or hold ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds).  The LT (Long Term) oscillator is used as a measurement of overbought and oversold levels within a longer term view.  The ST Oscillator is used for short term trades and opening/closing positions.  Our goal is to find you low risk trades based on our non emotional indicator. We scan the majority of the ETF’s that are trading for the best possible trades. Our trading service is not a get rich quick service it is a consistent approach to making profitable trades while reducing your downside risk. The trade ideas can be opened for as little as a few days to a few months depending on the setup of the trade. Whether you are trading or entering a long term position you’ll still have the same questions. When do I buy and when do I sell? will help to answer these two important questions. is a site dedicated to educating traders that there is a simplified approach to trading in the stock markets. Too many times traders get caught up in the rumor mill or by the public relations of stock trading and they end up making the exact wrong decision at the exact wrong time. We try to help traders make decisions blocking out the misdirection and made up stories aimed to steal your money. This site does not have a crystal ball but using our oscillators to make non emotional decisions will cut through this misdirection and deception. believes that there are times to be in certain trades and out of certain trades. Risk and reward can be skewed to your favor by cutting through all the noise and using non emotional factors. Our philosophy is that we can help traders understand why they are placing a trade and why they are taking a risk. By knowing these two factors we believe you become a knowledgeable trader that sees the market for what it is. A market where you can either buy items on your terms or someone else’s.