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More Commentary on VXX Buy signal 03/14/2017

The VXX has seen a steady decline in prices since February of 2016 but this chart shows the steady decline since Nov 2016 and you can see every bounce in price went nowhere and here [...]

By | March 14th, 2017|ETFs|0 Comments

Trading Market Commentary 03/21/2017

Today we saw the markets finally showing the true weakness that we continued to highlight that was occurring underneath the surface of the markets. Click Here for more! Market Commentary 03/14/2017:

The one way trade may have lost it’s way! Since Nov 2016, volatility has been moving one direction and that has been down.  The chart attached of the VXX has shown that despite concerns mounting Click here for more!

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Trading ETF Ideas Closed

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Our service was created for the non professional trader that has become confused and fearful of the stock market over the years. There are certainly plenty of examples where the non professional trader got the short end of the stick.  So we created a service where we provide Trading ETF Ideas to help you learn and then execute trades with a simplified approach.  The simplified approach is where we can help you think more clearly about trading.  We have been involved in the markets for more than 20 years and as time went on we realized that the more indicators, lines, moving averages and candlesticks we put on a chart the more frozen we became.  One indicator says price is going up and the other indicator says price is going down so really where’s the trading edge?   Our Oscillator is not 100% fail safe, everyone knows but has a hard time accepting, that no one has 100% successful trades . The Oscillator gives consistent buy, hold and sell signals and these trades are for 30-90 trading days.  When we provide ETF Trading Ideas we give you the timeframe that we expect the move to take place and also give a price objective as well.  We provide open ETF trading ideas so that you can view our rationale for placing trades and to see how the Oscillator moves in relation to the stock price so that you can have complete confidence when you sign up for our trading service below. We look forward to providing you Trading ETF Ideas.

Sign up for our service is a site that was created for the individual trader that is looking for ETF Trading ideas but with a simplified approach. We use a proprietary oscillator for determining whether to buy, sell or hold ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds).  The LT (Long Term) oscillator is used as a measurement of overbought and oversold levels within a longer term view.  The ST Oscillator is used for short term trades and opening/closing positions.  Our goal is to find you low risk trades based on our non emotional Oscillator. Our goal is to provide you with Trading ETF Ideas so you can maximize your returns while reducing your risk.

Our mission is to cut through all the deception and misdirection that is constantly presented to the Individual Trader and give them an edge on Trading ETF Ideas. believes our proprietary oscillators can provide the Individual Trader exceptional ETF Trading Ideas with a simplified approach to reduce your risk while maximizing your returns.