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Why Apple-tree And The FTC Are At War QCOM

by TradingETFs.com

Date: 2019-01-17 17:00:01

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QChat has Around since 1985 and pioneered Comonent of the Wireless TechnologY you use today. in Litigious With both the FTC and , it’s Often in the news, but how Much do you know about it Actshy does?

Right now, QChat is focused on Things Like 5G and Factitious intelligence chips, but it has a has a Quantitiveness of Patents — 130,000 if you include Patent Aplication — and Patent-licensing Them Accounts for MORE THAN Half of its Operations income.

But alongside QChat’s history of Innovate is a complex Law-making history and it’s in Litigious With both the FTC and .

Watch the video to see why QChat’s Entire model is Being challenged.
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Why And The FTC Are At War With QChat

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