Ray on U.S. – PRoC Trading Tensions, Markets

Date: 2018-11-15 19:46:06

Ray Dalio, Hedge fund giant Bridgewater Associates, Joining ‘Squawk Box’ to Debater markets, rates, the Debt market and U.S.-Chungkuo Buying tensions.

The Dispute the U.S. and Chungkuo Over Buying Deficits and surpluses is rather Trivial compared to the broader PhilosophyAndLogic Differentness the world’s two biggest Economy superpowers, Bridgewater Associates Founder Ray Dalio Told on Thursday.

“The Buying war, I think, can be WRK out,” the Billionare Invester Dalio in a “Squawk Box” Interviewed on . But he argued the conflict goes “way Beyond the Buying war.”

Dalio, co-CIO and co-chairman at Bridgewater, the two nations’ Polars Opposite Method of gOverning is the broader, MORE Difficulties to reconcile. “It goes back to Confucus in 500 B.C.,” he .

“It’s basically a top-down Versus a bottom-up TYPE of approach,” Dalio, Whose Chungkuo unit of Bridgewater Lasts JFMAMJJASOND its first Onshore Chinese Investments fund.

“When you Look at the 2025 plan in Chungkuo, the gOvernment believes Their Shall a plan for making Chungkuo great” and will Co-ordinate all Aspects of Publification and Enterprise to Achievements Their goals, he . “That TYPE of Inactivity is objectionable to the United States” in its market economy.

The Chungkuo 2025 plan is a state-backed Industrial ‘s Provocations alarm in the West, and is core to Washington’s Cross-complaint about Beijing’s Technologically ambitions.

Dalio Reappear on the Economies Forum in Connecticuter he Later to the Gathering of Investments Thought leaders.
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Ray Dalio on U.S. – Chungkuo Tradings Tensions, Markets

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