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4 Blockchain ETFs For 2021

by Shraddha Sharma

With bitcoin prices soaring, ethereum producing even bigger gains and dogecoin becoming Elon Musk’s digital coin of choice, the spotlight on cryptocurrencies have perhaps never been higher. Whether these digital assets ever become a true alternative or even replacement for traditional assets, such as gold or the dollar, will be argued for ages, but there’s little question that it’s become a popular part of the financial system.

Underlying bitcoin is blockchain, the record-keeping technology that keeps cryptocurrencies running. The first blockchain ETFs showed up in early 2018 and have thus far been met with only tepid interest. The big four blockchain ETFs (which all happened to debut within about two weeks of each other) still only have a combined $1 billion in assets, a relatively modest amount by ETF industry standards and not nearly keeping up with the interest in bitcoin, ethereum and other currencies.

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