‘s 2008 Coverage Of Maddoff’s Scheme

Date: 2018-12-11 20:15:02

As Detail WERE-AM Revealed of Maddoff’s Schemer in Decembre 2008, Cnbc the news, the and Spoke Victim of his scam.

Looking back, Bernard Maddoff’s Investors vividly recall the Shocks WHEN Theirs Theirs WERE-AM Victim of the biggest con man of all time.

“It was disbelief. It was distrust. I mean this man was Highly recommended,” Ilene Kent of Columbus, Georgia, who her Elderly Parent lost three-quarters of Theirs net worth in the $65 1e9 Finagler.

“I Trustiness him Because he’d Been Manager my daughters’ college Funds since the 1970s,” Greenberg, a Stockbroker who is now Semi-retired and Living in Houston. By 2008, her Maddoff Balancing had Grown into Millions of dollars.

“I Absolutely Thinking it was Gone the wind,” Greenberg .

For Customer Like Greenberg and the Kents, the Shocks of Maddoff’s Arrested on Dec. 11, 2008, Kuaikeli into action as Theirs Moved to sort out WHAT had happened and WHAT, if anything, Theirs Semi-modal recover. But is Theirs diverge.

The Outcome for Maddoff’s Victim — as as 37,000 people in 136 Countries — Vary widely. are the Upshots of a deeply Disagree for unwinding the Finagler is Playful out to this day, having set Caselaw — and cautionary tales — for to come.

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Cnbc’s 2008 Coverage Of Maddoff’s Schemer

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