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Eagle Global and TrueMark Target Renewable Energy

by James Comtois
Eagle Global and TrueMark Target Renewable Energy

TrueMark Investments and Eagle Global Advisors have announced the launch of the , which began trading on the New York Stock Exchange today. This actively managed ETF is designed to offer investors core renewables exposure and stable income by investing in renewables infrastructure companies that are providing value through accelerating the global transition to clean energy. Eagle Global will serve as subadvisor to the fund.

Michael Cerasoli, portfolio manager of RNWZ at Eagle Global, said in a news release that the fund “is a great vehicle for investors to gain access to the global megatrend created by declining renewables costs and global efforts at decarbonization.”

“Above and beyond the environmental characteristics, the next generation of renewable infrastructure companies are laying the groundwork necessary to restructure power grids and commercialize the utility of solar, wind, hydro, and biomass alternatives that have more runway and tailwinds than ever before,” Cerasoli added.

TrueMark Investments CEO Michael Loukas said: “Given the ongoing tailwinds in the renewable energy infrastructure industry, their wealth of experience in the sector gives us confidence that RNWZ is in capable hands. From an investment perspective, we believe that this concentrated portfolio has the potential to produce a steady current income stream coupled with the possibility of meaningful future upside.”

The fund’s portfolio is made up of 25–30 owners and operators of renewable infrastructure. RNWZ has an expense ratio of 0.75%.

“The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is a jolt of energy to the transition to renewables power generation,” Cerasoli said. “We’re confident that continuing down this path will lead to more sustainable infrastructure and an exciting transition to cleaner energy alternatives.”

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