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Advisors: WealthStack is Shaking Up Conference Format

by TradingETFs.com
Advisors: WealthStack is Shaking Up Conference Format

Do you go to investment conferences? I’m on the financial advisor conference circuit regularly; especially those that include ETF strategy content. One thing I’ve noticed though is that the overall quality of the conferences, content, speakers and venues have been on the decline. As advisors, our time is becoming more and more valuable. So, you might be going to fewer and fewer conferences these days too.

Fast forward. Earlier this year I was chatting with Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown about this. It seemed to be a pet peeve of theirs too. So, they’ve made a commitment to revive the financial advisor conference in the form of WealthStack. The Ritholz Team has partnered with InsideETFs to bring the modern day financial advisor meetup that brings current content, dynamic speakers, a great setting and a social buzz that just isn’t around today. The ETF Trends and ETF Database team is excited to get involved. I’ll be hosting the ETF Smackdown which will kick off the first full day of programming.

Read my chat with Josh (pictured above) about the conference. Maybe you’ll want to join us. I hope you do.

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